"The history of organic food is colorful, but these policy debates make this book important. Fromartz makes it clear just how precarious this movement has been, as regulators and advocates for the mainstream agricultural industry fight for exceptions in organic rules and small farmers are endangered by shrinking profit margins."
Los Angeles Times, April 11, 2006

"Fromartz does an excellent job of investigating consumer behavior and the trends that have permanently changed the food landscape. Two accounts, one describing how Silk soy milk stormed the marketplace and another on the rise of "spring mix," or mesclun greens, as the lettuce of choice, are especially entertaining to read.
San Francisco Chronicle, April 9, 2006

"Fromartz's journalistic approach, as well as his personal passion for the topic, makes his book an easy read. Through compelling business snapshots of natural foods players like Whole Foods Market, Earthbound Farm bagged salad mix and Silk soy milk, he charts the growth of organic food from its anti-industrial origins. His most compelling portraits are of the small farmers at the heart of the organic foods movement...
Bookpage, April 2006

"In Organic, Inc., Samuel Fromartz gives us a uniquely American story—the emergence of Big Organics from humble origins in small, counterculture farms. Fromartz writes with the passion of an organic partisan but his account of the pros and cons of Organics, Big and Small, is unusually balanced, honest, and compelling."
— Marion Nestle, author of Food Politics

"With one eye on organic food’s past and one eye cast on its future, Samuel Fromartz has a comprehensive vision of an industry at a crossroads. Here is a voice that reminds us of our power as consumers. Anyone reading Organic, Inc. will be inspired to put his money where his mouth is."
— Dan Barber, chef/owner of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns

"Sam Fromartz has the ability to transform an important subject into an interesting one, as he does with this vivid, vital book, Organic, Inc. No, it's not a new wave or diet book. It's a book that will alter the way we think about what we eat and the business forces that shape what we eat."
— Ken Auletta - Author, staff writer The New Yorker

"Fromartz's portrait of the adolescent industry reveals that that success has prompted an epic identity crisis... If big business is now the muscle of the organic industry, Fromartz demonstrates that small growers remain at its heart... This is a pragmatic, wise assessment of the compromises the organic movement has struck to gain access to the mainstream."
—Publishers Weekly, April 2006

"Serves as an extension of the farmer's market ideal: to put a human face on the otherwise anonymous food-supply line."
—Philadelphia City Paper, March 16-22, 2006


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